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History Mentor Facebook

In case you hadn’t scrolled to the bottom of the homepage, there is also a History Mentor Facebook

On this site, we deal with the educational side of History, but on the Facebook page we look at History in general. In case you missed them, in the following days we will reproduce some of the posts from our kindred page, that involved History in the field, literally in some cases! That will give you a taste of where History can take you and I think you’ll like it. All that studying for exams, both in an out of the classroom is worthwhile throughout your life, whether professionally or as an interest or passion.

One of the most popular posts was about Holy Trinity Church in the Burgh of Rhodes medieval town in Greece.









Situated in a quiet part of the old town, Holy Trinity church is normally closed, but opened during the ‘Open Doors’ weekend in September 2019, which allowed the public to see some lovely wall paintings.

Also worth seeing is the other Holy Trinity Church on the Street of the Knights in Rhodes old town, which has the arms of the langue of England on it and presumably was in their care at some point during the Knights Hospitallers’ occupation of the island (1309-1522).

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