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I provide three main teaching services: lessons, tuition and mentoring. Online History lessons, tuition or mentoring are available for GCSE, A Level and the IB Diploma (Standard or Higher level). Additionally, you can have Key Stage 3 History or English lessons, or English lessons for non-native speakers. For both History and English, contact me, so that I can then design a course to suit your needs. That is to say, I offer a flexible course that’s personal to you.


The Advantage of Online Study


Having History classes online has a number of advantages. It is a useful supplement to school lessons, if, for example, the school curriculum does not cover a topic you wish to learn about. Also, it’s a way for students who live in remote areas to have lessons they would otherwise miss out on. A good example of this is the School of the Air for children in the Australian Outback. Furthermore, if for any reason you are restricted to your house, you can still have uninterrupted classes or one-to-one tuition. If you need to move regularly for work, having History lessons online is a way to ensure children have uninterrupted education. International schools may not offer the same curriculum, exam boards or options. I ensure consistency for your studies.


Other Services


In addition to online lessons, tuition, or mentoring, I offer other educational related services. If you require help such as proof-reading, research advice or UCAS applications, please visit our Services page. Full details of prices are available on the FAQ page.



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Undergraduate History Mentoring


Amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many universities are turning to in-person tuition from September. That’s a wise precaution, but it does mean that undergraduates will feel more isolated than in previous years. That’s why I’m offering online undergraduate mentoring to my list of services. It’s important to note that I am offering educational support to those studying at a recognised university. I am not providing an online degree course.


Undergraduate History Mentoring



What’s included?


University teaching is much more specialised than A Level. This means I offer support for time periods related to my doctoral and post-doctoral research. Some examples include:


The High Middle Ages, including the Crusades and the rise of universities in Europe.


The Late Middle Ages, covering subjects such as the Hundred Years War, The Black Death and the beginning of the Renaissance.


Early Modern Europe, looking at subjects like the Reformation and European expansion into the wider world.


However, whatever period you are studying, I can offer technical and methodological advice. If you’re a fresher, you might want help with essay writing. If you’re a UK student who did A Levels or the IB, you’ll have done basic essay writing. Those from elsewhere might not necessarily have learnt the techniques needed. If you’re studying a medieval History course, you might want help with palaeography.


Many of these things may be provided by your university, college and/or lecturers. I’m here for those who wish to have additional support for their studies.


How is support offered?



Online History University Mentoring



Mentoring takes place through online sessions, either of 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel you need more than an hour, you can book another session, but I’d advise against back-to-back sessions. They are tiring and therefore unproductive. It’s better to book later the same day or another day. The best way to book is through my Facebook appointment service. If you don’t have Facebook, email me to check availability. Sessions take place using software that’s available to all. I prefer Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.


What’s the Damage?


I know money can be tight when you’re a student. If you can prove you’re a student, the fee will be £26 per hour. To preserve your privacy, I won’t ask for ID or an NUS card. To prove you’re a student, email me using your university email, as only university students and staff have an ac/edu email. Again for your privacy, no data is kept online or passed on to third parties. Payment must be made by bank transfer before the session and details will be sent once you’ve booked your appointment.


For more information email me at historymentor@teachers.org


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