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History Mentor offers expert one-to-one Online History Tuition and Home Schooling from only £29 per hour. Online History classes (maximum of three students) can also be arranged. Tuition, lessons and mentoring are available for Key Stage 3 History, GCSE History, A Level History and IB History examinations. It is expert tuition because with over 30 years teaching experience I’ve learnt a lot to pass on to students. This applies to both the knowledge and the skills needed for success in History exams. I also have a PhD in History, which brings a depth of knowledge and methodology that only a doctorate gives you. Get the quality education that you deserve.


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Online History tuition means you can have uninterrupted learning from the comfort of your own home. Whether in London, elsewhere in the UK or anywhere in the world, whatever the circumstances, you’ll never miss a lesson. With today’s technology, there’s no difference from one-to-one lessons in person.



2020-2021 Academic Year


The academic year has begun, but it’s not too late to enrol for courses for KS3, GCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate History. Look at the course options available. See my FAQ page for fee details and contact me with any questions. Ready to sign up? Book a free 30-minute consultation via the History Mentor Facebook page, ‘English and History Lessons’ option. Please note that if you’re under 18, you’ll need at least one of your parent’s permission to have History lessons, mentoring or tuition. This year, with continuing uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to ensure uninterrupted learning. That’s what online tuition provides.

You might wonder if it’s worth having exam tuition with the pandemic ongoing: what if the exams are cancelled again? One thing is certain and that is you will be assessed in one way or another. If there are no exams, coursework and classwork become more important. Tuition ensures you are ready for any eventuality.



Online History Mentoring for History Undergraduates


From September, given the continuing COVID-19 situation, I will be offering mentoring to new History students who might feel more isolated than in previous years. See my online tuition options for further details.


English for Academia


I also offer English language editing for academic purposes in all areas of History, especially in the field of Medieval and Byzantine History and Archaeology. As a native English speaker, a specialist in the Middle Ages, an experienced academic author, examiner and reviewer, I can provide my expertise to edit your papers to an academic standard. Book a free consultation at History Mentor Facebook or email me.



Qualified and Experienced


I am a UK qualified and experienced teacher. Firstly, with a PGCE in History and English (11-18 age range), I mentor for GCSE, A Level & IB History. I further provide support for the UK National Curriculum, Key Stage 3, History and English. Secondly, as I have an MA and PhD in History, I can also advise at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Additionally, with over 30 years of teaching experience, you are assured of quality teaching and an in depth understanding of how children learn.


Why choose me?


There are a lot of other companies out there that offer private tuition, so what makes me different? There are three main reasons:


1. Qualified and Experienced


Firstly I am a qualified History teacher, BA, MA, PhD and PGCE (History & English). Some agencies advertise as ‘History teachers’ those with degrees in Law, French Literature or other subjects, all except History and for that they’ll charge up to £100! With me you know you’re with an experienced expert educator who has reasonable fees.


2. Educational Flexibility


Secondly, it’s not just tuition on offer, as I draw a distinction between lessons, tuition and mentoring. Lessons are for those that want to learn from scratch. Tuition is additional support out of the classroom. Mentoring is advice for those who want reassurance that they’re on the right track. This means that I change the teaching approach to match individual needs, knowing those needs change with time. For example, a student might start with lessons, but as their knowledge, skills and confidence grow, they end up with mentoring. The long-term aim is to make you independent, so that you only need yourself.


3. Direct Contact


Finally, this is not just a site that puts you in contact with tutors: I am the tutor/teacher/mentor. This means you get personal and direct contact without the connection fee that some sites charge. I specialise in History and English: keeping it small means I can control tuition directly. The result is that I provide a much more intimate service, with a learning programme designed specifically for you. It also means I can keep the fees (see FAQ) low and very competitive. If you would like English or History lessons online, Contact me with any questions you may have.


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Join in the debate with historians and others at History Mentor Facebook. You can also message me and make appointments through Facebook. Furthermore, there are lots of interesting articles on my Blog for you to read.


Do you Skype? If you have a quick question, chat with me at If it’s a longer question, email me using the same address.


See the UK Yellow Pages for an overview of our services and a customer review.


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The History Mentor YouTube page will appear soon.




You may see advertisements for lessons from £10-15 per hour, then you discover it costs much more. Also ads may state that you’re getting a tutor from a top UK university, when really it’s a student without a teaching qualification who’s supplementing their income. With me you know you’re with a professional, knowledgeable, qualified & experienced teacher. I have QTS status. My fees (see FAQ – How much does it cost?) are straightforward and include VAT.



Mentoring/Tutoring/Lesson Options


I provide the following: History lessons online, Online History Tuition and mentoring. Click on the link(s) for the options you are interested in.

GCSE History

A Level History

International Baccalaureate History

English for Speakers of Other Languages