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Get expert Online History Tuition and Home Schooling at History Mentor. I provide tuition, lessons and mentoring for GCSE History, A Level History and IB History examinations. It is expert tuition because with over 30 years teaching experience I’ve learnt a lot to pass on to students. This applies to both the knowledge and the skills needed for success in History exams.


Online History tuition means you can have uninterrupted learning from the comfort of your own home. Whether in London, elsewhere in the UK or anywhere in the world, whatever the circumstances, you’ll never miss a lesson. With today’s technology, there’s no difference from one-to-one lessons in person.


COVID-19 Statement


At this difficult time, with schools closed, online History tuition could be a saviour. Exams might be cancelled or postponed, but at some point normality will return & it’s good to be prepared. If you’re halfway through a GCSE, A Level or IB History course, you still need to sit the exam next year. History Mentor is here for students offering free History advice (this applies to short email queries, not lessons/tuition). If you’re studying GCSE History, A Level History (or the international versions) or IB History, contact me with any questions. This is a totally FREE offer during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m a teacher and a father before everything. I’m experiencing this too. I want nothing, except to know students feel ready to take their exams or resume their lessons. Good luck!



Qualified and Experienced


I am both a UK qualified and experienced teacher. Firstly, with a PGCE in History and English (11-18 age range), I mentor for GCSE, A Level & IB History. I further provide support for the UK National Curriculum, Key Stage 3, History and English. Secondly, as I have an MA and PhD in History, I can also advise at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Additionally, with over 30 years of teaching experience, you are assured of quality teaching and an in depth understanding of how children learn.


Why choose me?


There are a lot of other companies out there that offer private tuition, so what makes me different? There are two main reasons:


1. Educational Flexibility


Firstly, it’s not just tuition on offer, as I draw a distinction between lessons, tuition and mentoring. Lessons are for those that want to learn from scratch. Tuition is additional support out of the classroom. Mentoring is advice for those who want reassurance that they’re on the right track. This means that I change the teaching approach to match individual needs, knowing those needs change with time. For example, a student might start with lessons, but as their knowledge and confidence grows, end up with mentoring. The long-term aim is to make you independent, so that you only need yourself.


2. Direct Contact


Secondly, this is not just a site that puts you in contact with tutors: I am the tutor/teacher/mentor. This means you get personal and direct contact without the connection fee that some sites charge. I specialise in History and English: keeping it small means I can control tuition directly. The result is that I provide a much more intimate service, with a learning programme designed specifically for you. It also means I can keep the fees (see FAQ) reasonable & competitive. Contact me with any questions you may have.


A Word of Caution


You might read in adverts that a company claims to be an official site for UK tutors. Regardless of their vetting processes, reviews, or how many schools they work with, they are not official. To be official, you need to be approved by a public body, such as the Department of Education. No private tuition company has this endorsement, so beware slick advertising and promotion.


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Mentoring/Tutoring/Lesson Options


I provide Online History Tuition, lessons and support for the following:

GCSE History

A Level History

International Baccalaureate History

English for Speakers of Other Languages


Proof Reading

Proof Reading

Research Advice

Research Advice

UK University Applications

UK University Applications