How will I be taught?

You will have one-to-one online lessons using video-conferencing. Online lessons are a great way to ensure you have uninterrupted tuition, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances.

Is it possible to have group lessons?

Yes, if other students consent, but no more than three students, so that student-teacher contact time is not impaired.

What method do you use?

The method is student-centred, aimed at promoting independent critical thinking and includes source analysis and interpretation.

Why is source analysis so important?

Any History written is based on sources of some form, so analysis is needed to understand how the viewpoint of the writer was constructed, which helps you understand History better.

How long are the lessons?

Normally an hour per session, but don’t worry, if we run over a bit, you won’t be charged extra.

How many lessons do I need?

Most students sign up for two academic years (September-August), from the start of their course until it is finished, but the number of lessons depends on how many you want. However, it is recommended that you sign up for at least 8 lessons.

Will I have work between lessons?

Yes, to increase discussion time you will be set work in preparation for lessons.

If I have a question in between lessons, what do I do?

Email me and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p..

Do I need to sit an exam to have lessons?

No, if you wish to learn and discuss out of general interest, that’s great. However, if you’re going to go to all that effort, why not give the exam a go?

Do you offer lessons at Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)?

Yes, as long as I have parental consent.

How do I enrol?

Once you email me, I will send you a form to fill in. If you are under 18, you will need parental consent.

How do I pay the fees?

If you live in the UK or EU, you can pay by bank transfer in either Pounds Sterling (£) or Euros (€). For payments outside the UK or EU (i.e. SEPA zone), contact me to decide on the best method, for example PayPal. Fees must be paid before lessons commence & all bank charges are the responsibility of the customer.

How much does it cost?

The normal fee for one-to-one lessons, tuition, or mentoring is currently £23 (€26) per hour. That includes VAT. For group lessons with two people, the fee is £15 (€20) per student per hour and for three people £10 (€15) per student per hour. Three is the maximum number of students for lessons, so that each student gets enough contact time. Tuition and mentoring are so personal to your needs that they need to be one-to-one sessions.

The above fees are based on one lesson a week. If you plan to have multiple lessons in the same week, contact me for a quote. Additionally, fees can be paid in advance on a monthly basis (i.e. every four lessons), but at normal rates.

The fee for mentoring university students is £26 (€29) per hour.

For other services, we will arrange a fee between us, depending on what is required.

What am I paying for?

You might find lessons on other sites at a cheaper price, but remember that with me you are paying for the depth of knowledge up to doctoral level and over 30 years of experience. There are others less qualified and experienced than me who charge much more.

You are also safe in the knowledge that I have been UK state trained: that means I have followed a proper teacher training course (PGCE) and am able to teach in a state school. All teachers that have done a PGCE have police checks before they are allowed to do the course. Additionally, if like me, they have worked in state schools, they will also have had a police check before they can take up their teaching position, which adds an extra level of safety for your children when having lessons.

If you have a question not covered in the FAQ, please contact me with your query.


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