International Baccalaureate History

International Baccalaureate History (IB History) is part of an holistic programme of education and therefore is one of six options plus the core subjects that are studied. It is therefore not in as much depth as the A Level, but does cover a wider breadth of study. Both A levels and IB History prepare you well for university History courses. A Levels were developed specifically for study at UK universities, while the IB has a more worldwide appeal.


A look at the aims of the International Baccalaureate History course emphasises its broad approach, while indicating similarities with A Levels. The prime aim is to develop an understanding of history as a discipline and to develop historical consciousness. This  includes a sense of chronology, context and an understanding of different historical views.


The IB curriculum also encourages you to engage with multiple perspectives and to appreciate the complex nature of historical concepts, issues, events and developments. It further aims to promote international-mindedness through the study of history from more than one region of the world. Finally, you will increase your understanding of yourself and of contemporary society by encouraging reflection on the past. Past and present cannot be separated, which is why History is such a relevant subject to study.


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