History holidays

History Holidays on Rhodes


Rhodes is a prime holiday destination with a modern city centre, but it is also rich in History. The Old Town of Rhodes has a mixture of medieval and Byzantine influences and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Knights Hospitaller controlled Rhodes from 1309 to 1522 and a number of walks around the old town can inform you about the History of Rhodes under their rule:

The Walls & Moat. Walk through the moat from Acandia Gate to Mandraki Harbour. The walls provided a strong defence from Byzantine times on and both the Hospitallers and Ottomans failed to take the city, having to agree surrender on terms. There is a special focus on the two sieges of 1480 and 1522 and how the defences changed between the sieges. This walk takes about 60 minutes.

Old Town highlights. This 90 minute walk provides you with an overview of some important sites in the old town, which you can later visit at your own leisure, including the Grand Master’s Palace, the two hospitals, Our Lady of the Castle Church, the Castellania and ending in the Jewish quarter, near Our Lady of the Victory Church.

Through the Backstreets Walk: The walk explores the hidden parts of the Old Town, starting at St. Catherine’s Hospice, going through the Jewish Quarter and ending at the Grand Master’s Palace. This walk takes up to an hour.

Towers & Windmills Walk:This walk looks at St. Nicholas Tower, Naillac Tower and the Tower of France, plus Mandraki, the commercial and Acandia harbours. This walk takes up to 40 minutes.

For all History walks, the frequency is once daily in Summer (May-September) and educational information is given in English. From October to April, walks are arranged by appointment. A minimum number of four participants is needed for a walk to run. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. A maximum of 8 people may partake in the walk, so it keeps its friendly and intimate character. Please note these are educational walks, not tours of sites and no site is entered. For details of times and prices, please contact me.