English Language Editing

English Language Editing

English Editing for Academic Purposes. Get your books and papers checked before submitting them for publication.


Have you ever submitted a paper/book for publication and the publisher asks you to have it edited by a native speaker? I offer English language editing for academic purposes in all areas of History, especially Medieval and Byzantine History and Archaeology. I am a native English speaker, a specialist in the Middle Ages, an experienced academic author, examiner and reviewer. Therefore, I can provide my expertise to edit your papers to a high academic standard. Sometimes grammar and spell-checkers are not enough. You need a fellow in your discipline to give their expert advice.


The English language editing service includes a free 30-minute initial consultation. The price of this service varies depending on the size of the paper or book, but is competitive with other providers. Book a consultation on the History Mentor Facebook page or email me with your requirements.


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