Dodecanese Integration into Greece

Dodecanese Integration into Greece

The Dodecanese Integration into Greece

On 7 March 1948, King Pavlos and Queen Frederica arrived on Rhodes. They came with the Deputy Prime Minister Constantine Tsaldaris and others to celebrate the integration of the Dodecanese with Greece. This completed the administrative transition period that had begun in March the previous year.


After rule by the Franks, Ottomans, Italians and briefly by the British, for better or worse they now governed themselves. There were celebrations all over the Dodecanese for the triumph of the idea of self determination for the Greek people. I’m not nationalistic, but speaking to those who lived under Italian rule, I think it was for the better. I was told by those who were schoolchildren in the 1940s how the Italians suppressed the Greek language & culture. This was part of the Italianisation of their new territory.


Dodecanese Integration into Greece

Villagers celebrate on 7 March 1948


With all its faults, democracy is about local rule, the more local the better. This need not be national, but regional or even municipal. The EU recognises the value of this in its creation of the Committee of the Regions. Tomorrow is local History and a local celebration for the Dodecanese islands and particularly Rhodes to celebrate. I’ll keep that in mind, while the shops are closed!

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